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Privacy is Your Right

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Protect Your Privacy Online

Canada's Privacy Law protects your privacy online. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), can be found at the following web address when you are connected to the Internet (

It came into being in three phases outlined below:

Phase One

  • Applied to personal information about customers or employees in federally regulated sectors – such as banks and telecommunications companies.
Phase Two
  • PIPEDA was extended to cover personal health information collected, used, or disclosed by these organizations.
Phase Three
  •  Now covers all personal information of customers that is collected, used, or disclosed in the course of commercial activities by private sector organizations.
  •  Applies to personal information collected, used or disclosed in the course of commercial activities, whether in the real world or on the Internet. It also applies to personal information disclosed to another province or country for profit or gain, where the information is the subject of the transaction. 
  • The Act specifies what information a Web site can collect from you and how it can collect the information. It also specifies how this information can be used. As well, it gives you control over how your personal information, including your email address, is used.
  • The Act also gives you the right to gain access to and correct information a web site has about you. (1).

1.) The Privacy Commission of Canada, "Fact Sheet: Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet" , viewed 14 January 2006. (