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Be Smart, Be Safe, But Don't be Left Behind!
Protect Your Privacy Online

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Be Smart: A web site may offer some excellent and/or free software or information, this does not necessarily mean that ALL the content on that web site is of equal value. Often giving free information is used to get visitors to come to the web site and view their products. Only download or use what you are truly interested in, be a wise consumer.
Glossaries / Tech. Dictionaries
Freeware, and Open Source Software
Be Smart: If the documentation/licence says that 3rd party advertising is going to be displayed within the software do not use that software, 3rd party advertising could be spyware or malware. Only download from a reputable download site or from the home web site of the software product you are acquiring.
Essential Security Software to Have (Free):
Tip: Make a habit of checking for updates to software
Other Free Software that is good to have:
Freeware / Opens Source Sites
There is a difference between Freeware and Opensource! Freeware does not cost anything but the source code (programming) can not be changed. Open Source may or may not cost something but the source code (programming) can be changed. FOSS is Free and Open Source.
Be Smart: A directory of software may show "Featured or Sponsored Links" these are probably not free or open source, they have paid to display (advertise) their software on the web page. It may be one way the directory owner is paying to provide a directory that shows other free or open source software.
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Special Concerns if Domestic Abuse Exists
Online resources to protect safety and privacy.
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